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Terms and conditions of cooperation

  1. Definitions

For these terms and conditions of cooperation, the following definitions are introduced:

Farm – “Selerscy” Horticultural Farm Selerski Paweł

The Seat of the Farm – Wężyki 33, 96-514 Rybno

Customer – means an individual or legal entity that has entered into a civil-law contract with the Farm based on the sale of Goods, falling within the scope of the subject of operation of the Farm.

The Parties – the Farm and the Customer

Goods – plants sold by the Farm

Terms and conditions of cooperation – this document


  1. General provisions

The terms and conditions of cooperation are an inseparable part of any contracts concluded between the Parties and are binding for the Parties in the moment of conclusion of a contract.

Concluding a contract shall be understood as placing an order and/or issuing a sales document (Bill, Invoice).

The terms and conditions of cooperation are available at the website. 


  1. Information and price lists

Information and prices of goods contained in advertisements and on the website of the Farm are for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code.

Prices in the advertisements of the Farm are given in the Polish currency in gross value and for foreign customers in Euro.

In accordance with the VAT Law (Journal of Laws of 2004, No. 54, item 535, as amended) the farm is not a VAT payer.


  1. Orders

Orders can be placed via e-mail to the following email address:, via a form available at and verbally at the Seat of the Farm. 

Based on the information obtained at the Farm about the availability of goods and prices, the Customer can place an order.

An order is considered binding in the moment when the Customer receives an order confirmation sent by the Farm in the form of an order document, which includes:

the Order No., the Order Date, the Farm’s Bank Account No., the Completion Date, the Price of Goods, the Quantity of Goods, the Form of Payment, the Amount of Earnest Money and the receipt of the agreed amount of the earnest money into the bank account of the Farm.

 A lack of response from the Farm does not mean tacit confirmation of the order.


5. Order fulfillment obligation.

On the day of receipt or shipment of the Goods, the Customer is obliged to pay the full price of the value of the Goods. If the conditions are not met, the Farm is entitled to withhold the release of the Goods. In the event of a delay in payment of more than 7 days from the agreed date of receipt of Goods, the Farm is entitled to recede from the contract without suffering any negative consequences due to this fact.

Full or partial avoidance of the contract by the Customer may take place only with the written consent of the Farm.

Until the moment of full payment, the Goods remain the property of the Farm.

The Farm reserves the right to recede from the contract and to be released from the performance of the order in the event of natural disasters such as: frost, drought, hail, flood, tornado, or other causes not attributable to the Farm that prevent the operation of the Farm. Any compensation for the Customer will not be acceptable.


  1. Dimensions and differences

The dimensions and examples of plants shown in advertisements and on the Farm’s website are presented indicatively. Height differences of +/- 15 cm are allowed. These differences are acceptable in case of the production of plant nursery stock and do not constitute a lack of quality.


  1. Packaging and transportation

Plants are packed in 120×100 cm box-pallets on which the name of the species, variety and quantity are indicated. The predetermined fee for the packaging is paid by the Customer.

Transportation takes place at the expense and risk of the buyer. Delivery does not include unloading.

In the event of a delay in the date of receipt due to the fault of the Customer, all dangers associated with a delay in the shipment of plants are transferred to the buyer as of the date of readiness for receipt.


  1. Guarantee and warranty

The Customer accepts the condition of the plants when receiving the Goods and from that moment becomes responsible for the purchased Goods. Any matters related to the care and maintenance of the plants (such as: proper watering, storage, cutting, planting, fertilizing) are transferred on to the buyer.

At the moment of sale the Farm is responsible for the Goods that are being sold in terms of the species, variety and size. The nursery stock that is being sold is alive, free of disease and pests.

If the Customer notices in the Goods any defects for which the Farm is responsible, the Customer is obliged to report the occurrence of defects in writing by e-mail within 3 days.