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Cornelian cherry plantation

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Blue honeysuckle

- Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Selerscy -

Blueberry cuttings for your plantation

- Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Selerscy -

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Welcome to the website of the Selerscy Horticultural Farm

We are engaged in the production and wholesale of high-quality cuttings of:

– the northern highbush blueberry
– the blue honeysuckle (Haskap Japanese)
– the cornelian cherry

In addition to our plant-nursery business, we also operate commercial plantations of blueberries and cornelian cherry, as well as one of the first plantations of blue honeysuckle in the country.
Our farm is located in the center of Poland in the Mazovian village of Wężyki near Sochaczew.

We invite all planters to cooperate with us.

Our plants – your success

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- Offer -

Our Offer

We invite you to learn more about our offer and visit our plant-nursery and plantation.

Northern highbush blueberry

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Blue honeysuckle

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Cornelian cherry

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- Why us -

Why our plants

In our business, we make every effort to ensure that the plants we produce are of the highest quality. All production takes place under the supervision of the Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service (PIORiN). Having our own crops allows us to supplement our knowledge of plants and plantation management to ensure that customers enjoy and continually benefit from their investment. We are constantly working to expand our product range. For clients who want to take advantage of subsidies, we provide the complete set of documents that allow for obtaining them.

High quality

Healthy plants, tillered with a well-developed root system.

Vegetatively propagated

The offered material is propagated from cuttings from ripened wood or soft-stem cuttings which ensures the repetition of varietal characteristics.

Proven varieties

We offer varieties that have proven themselves on our plantations in Polish climatic conditions.

Comprehensive offer

We do not only sell plants, but also offer advice on establishing and maintaining plantations.